All We Could Afford

by No Dice

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These are the first three songs we have ever written. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them! Thanks


released October 1, 2013

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered at Capital House Studio.
Album art by Jeff Beekman.



all rights reserved


No Dice Columbus, Ohio

Pop Punk band from Columbus, Ohio.

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Track Name: Call Us A Failure
We were never meant for suits and ties, I'll take the city bus
We're trapped in a cubicle but that was never the life for us
Choose your life instantly, too subtle to mistake
But don't ever be like me, the risk is far too great

Said we wouldn't get anywhere, in the streets within a week
A chance taken here and there but we continued our winning streak

We do what we like and we like what we do
Learned more from living than we did from you
So call us a failure but I'm changing this font
It's not a likely story but at least we're doing what we want

I crossed t's with weary eyes but nothing made much sense
All the questions left unanswered, no reason to pretend
I'm lost and done for, I scream but you don't listen
A worthless brilliance, a 4.0 with no ambition
Track Name: Endless Saturday
I've got a plan
I'm begging you please, just get me out tonight
And it's never fine
But I'm telling you, I'm telling you it's alright

And I never felt quite this good before
And I never thought you'd be knocking on my door
And I know that you'll give back everything to me

So let's turn turn turn it up
Never gonna get enough, always running back to you
And we'll shut shut shut it down
Bringing back another round, you know what we're gonna do
Singing yeah yeah yeah
An endless Saturday
Singing yeah yeah yeah
And they'll say no, but we'll do it anyway

This night is young
So many things, so many things for us to see
And I'm being honest
There's nowhere else, there's nowhere else I'd rather be

And I never felt quite this good before
And I never thought you'd be knocking on my door
And I'm wishing you would see what you mean to me

And don't hold me down
Don't hold me down
Track Name: Gone Tomorrow
A small exchange of words
Well, you didn't have to say anything
And I don't know why, but that meant everything to me
Found out I wasn't good enough, another brick in the wall
You made that pretty obvious
Well, excuse me for the fall

He never loved you and he never will
You've been down that road before, a living hell
And I would have been there but you'll never know
Don't be surprised when I'm gone, gone tomorrow

You were some kind of dream but you've had your fun
Were you glad to hear from me? Or was I just bothersome?
One day you'll realize that you were wrong
This is my last song
For tomorrow, tomorrow I'll be gone

Don't blame yourself, put it on me
Instead of apologizes you should have just talked to me
Don't change when he makes you, but I hope you get what you deserve Just know you were perfect, I would have taken you as you were

Don't blame yourself